Restaurant Montanaro

Restaurant Montanaro

An amazing gourmet offer

Enjoy the rich offer of food, drinks, desserts and specialties of traditional Herzegovinian cuisine. Restaurant capacity is 78 seats. The hotel is also suitable for children's birthday celebrations, both in the open and in the interior of our restaurant.

Exclusively domestic cuisine

Meat, cooked meals and barbecued meals have traditionally been manufactured for many years. The preparation of wood beech charcoal, the refined variety and quality of always fresh meat, gives a special aroma and experience a meal. In our menu you can always find dishes prepared according to old recipes of our grandmothers:

  • Collard on dry meat

  • Kalja, old dish for winter days
  • Japrak, delicious snacks from local ingredients
  • Meat under the „sač“, fresh and delicious
  • Domestic pies under the „sač“
Restaurant Montanaro

Dining of the Montanaro Restaurant offer

Local traditional cuisine and specialties

Our way of food production requires much more effort and work, sweat and blood because we do not use any chemical preparations when we grow our vegetables. Our guests recognized our efforts. The food that our guest gets on the plate has certainly been grown in an ecologically acceptable way and healthy for consumption.

Restaurant Montanaro

Mountain soups

"Mountain" soups from our offer are excellent during winter days to warm and refresh our guests

Restaurant Montanaro

Dry plate snacks

We are known for our dry barge without no gathering can pass. Dough, cheese, dry meat...

Restaurant Montanaro

Homemade Stew

Guests who come back from cycling, hiking or social gatherings love to refresh our home-made delicacies.

Restaurant Montanaro

Pies under the „sač“

All guests who once tried our pies under the „sač“ were not indifferent and will always order one of them again.